The objective of this project was to break with established schemas or patterns. The title of the course speaks for itself: „reinterpret, convert, reconstruct“.

My idea was significally influenced by the city I live in. There are construction sites all around and almost in every one of those, the construction lamp is an essencial element. The aesthetics those construction sites offer is attractive and unique for me, especially as I didn't grow up with the German culture and those images are not part of my visual vocabulary.

The new definition of the lamp originates from the manner it is opened. This is (at least for me) very similar to a lunchbox, which made me remember my time in school. All the ideas that appeared concerning the funcionality of the object came to me in a natural way: store the markers like a lightbulb or just the lunch.

The project was a surprisingly enlightening an fun. We consume our environment using new observations and interpretations. It should be our duty to expose it and keep attentive.


Construction lamp
plastics and glass


18 cm x 12 cm x 10,5 cm