d lamp


d lamp is a product I designed together with two more young designers at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The workshop offered was about experimenting and propose alternative uses of a processed wood made for exteriors called DAUERHOLZ. This material fascinated us because it's marketed as a substitute of tropical hardwoods. The whole production, up to the clearing of the wood is done in Germany.

Promoting the use of materials marketed by responsable companies like DAUERHOLZ represents part of the solution not to use tropical hardwood cleared and imported illegaly to Europe. Furthermore, Germany is known for the responsable use of natural resources and good conditions of employment: multiple reasons to work on that project.

The idea of d lamp was based on the wish to use an extra element as part of the design. That element was a cable that finally resulted being the component that gives color and joy and completes the whole object.

d lamp is made out of wood that normally is used to build structures for balconies or banks being used outside. Our goal was to generate the least amount possible of waste. Therefore the lamp consists of three identical pieces. Simple production for a simple idea.



Light Bulb 
Textile Cable


50 cm x Ø 35 cm


Marisol Rammoser
Cristina Laguna
Gloria Spallanzani